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Author: The JT Leroy Story

USA, English, 110 mins

  • Director: Jeff Feuerzeig
  • Writer: Jeff Feuerzeig
  • Producer: Adam Bardach; Lucas Celler

CGiii Comment

Give it time...

Laura Albert is difficult...give her time...you will warm to her.

Afterall, she did kick the creative industries (of film and literature) square in the nuts and it hurt...real bad.

She has been called a fraud, a phony...and, if you can...by way of extrapolation and deduction, the inference is as clear as crystal balls...these highly admired creative industries are - by default - exactly the same. Phony and fraudulent...

In this gender fluid, sexual fluid, identity fluid age...what's the big deal? Laura Albert created a character (as writers tend to do). She took that character on an extraordinary, mind-blowing journey. She made her character [quite literally] live!!!

And, many, many 'celebrities' were suckerpunched into the whole sham...they, too, wanted to bask in JT Leroy's limelight...and they did..with a voracious greed.

Well, now, they have to endure the humilation and indignation that Ms Albert bestowed upon them...Bono (the talk!), the train-wreck that is Asia Argento, light-fingered Winona and Courtney-lost-Love...to name but a few.

After the 'truth' was unveiled, the hue and cry was deafening. But...listen closely to Ms Albert...her creativity is a masterwork, her justification is justifying. Okay, so there were a few casualties along the way...but, hey, some of those egos were in desperate need of a kicking. And..kicked, well & truly, they got...Ms Argento!

(S)He who laughs last laughs longest...Ms Albert is laughing. Quite rightly too! What an achievement!

An achievement that has led to this fast-paced film of a furious-paced story...the revelations never dry up. Jaw-dropping, toe-curling, maddeningly creative, mightily funny...and, so so very clever.


The(ir) Blurb...

In the late 1990s, teenager JT LeRoy shot to fame with tales woven from his troubled life. Courtney Love and other A-listers were quick to claim friendship as he wrote successive blockbusters. But in 2005 the scales fell away to reveal one Laura Albert, a talented fantasist. Jeff Feuerzeig’s telling of her story is as energetic and creative as Barton herself in this spellbinding doc.

Cast & Characters

Laura Albert as Herself;
Bruce Benderson as Himself;
Dennis Cooper as Himself;
Panio Gianopoulos as Himself;
Winona Ryder as Herself;
Ira Silverberg as Himself

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