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Gender Revolution

USA, English, 95 mins

  • Director: No info
  • Writer: Katie Couric
  • Producer: Andrea Anderson; Fenton Bailey

CGiii Comment

A National Geographic production that crumbles under the leadership of Katie Couric - her research is conducted through Siri!

This is a paint-by-numbers, elementary guide to gender issues...a subject so complex, it demands an above-average approach by a thoroughly informed individual. Sadly, neither are on offer here!

Couric's faux sincerity is as irritating as her faux smile and head-nodding...she challenges nothing, gets nowhere near the complexity and meanders [too often] into her own realm of opinion.

A dumbed-down and deflating documentary from Nat Geo...we expected more, we got less than deserved!


The(ir) Blurb...

Gender Revolution: a documentary film about gender identity.

Cast & Characters

Katie Couric as Herself

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