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My Own Private Hell

Country: Brazil, Language: Portuguese, 82 mins

Original Title

  • Director: Pedro Diogenes; Guto Parente
  • Writer: Pedro Diogenes; Guto Parente; Rafael Martins
  • Producer: Caroline Louise; Rogério Mesquita; Guto Parente

CGiii Comment

If John Waters, Arturo Ripstein and [the spirit of] Rainer Werner Fassbinder were to team-up...Inferninho is what they may have come up with!

Think: Dante's Inferno meets Querelle...who has a head-on collision with [some] Pink Flamingos on Bleak Street...done on a last-strand-shoe-string budget in a squalid set and accompanied by some of the worst sung songs ever to be heard by a human ear!

And, by gum, it works...thanks, principally, to a mesmerising and commanding performance from Yuri Yamamoto. To say that My Own Private Hell is rough-around-the-edges would be a massive understatement...the back projections are as shabby as they are hysterical.

The idea that this is where old, washed-up and washed-out, wannabe, Superheroes [and cartoon characters] go to hang-out and inspired. Tongue-in-cheek, off-the-wall...marvel in this nefarious, flea-pit of a bar where you will be served by a rabbit called Rabbit...under the ever-watchful eye of the tragic trans*owner and serenaded by a cacophonous screech!

A brilliantly bizarre bargain of a film.


Teaser "Inferninho / My Own Private Hell" (2018) from Tardo Filmes on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

The Little Hell club is run by the steely and uncompromising Deusimar. Ageing and feeling unlovely, she nevertheless provides a warm and dark space for individuals society has cast out. Basic manners and payment for labour vanished from this place some time ago, along with any profits or talent. So, who should walk in one day if not a handsome sailor? Both he and Deusimar fall in love and dream of a better life, but things are complicated by government contractors determined to buy the club and shut it down. On top of that, the sailor fails to pay his debts, landing himself and the club in deeper trouble. Deusimar faces a decision – to give up her familiar slice of hell and leap into the unknown. A truly queer lo-fi adventure, My Own Private Hell blends the heart-breaking with the absurd.

Jay Bernard

Cast & Characters

Yuri Yamamoto as Deusimar;
Demick Lopes as Jarbas;
Samya De Lavor as Luizianne;
Rafael Martins as Coelho;
Tatiana Amorim as Caixa-Preta;
Galba Nogueira as Salvador;
Pedro Domingues as Marinheiro 1;
Gustavo Lopes as Marinheiro 2;
Paulo Ess as Richard