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Party's Just Beginning (The)

UK | USA, English, 91 mins

  • Director: Karen Gillan
  • Writer: Karen Gillan
  • Producer: Mali Elfman; Claire Mundell; R. Andru Davies

CGiii Comment

It’s a kind of drug-infused, chip-munching, suicidal, promiscuous, gender-confused Groundhog Day!

In other words...too much! And, a tad too repetitive. Karen Gillan – as lovely as she is – writes, directs and is rarely off the screen. In other words...she did too much and she’s in it too much. The central story – the suicide, it’s in the first few minutes so we’re not spoiling anything – gets thrown into the wake of all the chip-munching and bonking.

Yes, she can act...yes, she can write...yes, she can direct...all three together? A bit of the less-is-more approach will definitely benefit future films! And, there will be future films...she has the talent.

No trailer...

The(ir) Blurb...

When Lucy's best friend takes her own life Lucy has to deal with stresses of such a situation.

Cast & Characters

Karen Gillan as Lucy;
Lee Pace as Dale;
Matthew Beard as Alistair;
Jamie Quinn as Ben;
Paul Higgins as Lucy's Dad;
Siobhan Redmond as Lucy's Mum;
Rachel Jackson as Donna;
Stephen Nelson as Chip Shop Guy;
Paul Tinto as Peter

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