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Straight Journey (A)

China, Chinese, 23 mins

Original Title

A Straight Journey: Days and Nights in Their Kingdom
  • Director: Masamojo

CGiii Comment

Why this was shortlisted for the Iris Prize will remain a mystery for ever more.

It's not a well-made film! It's not an engaging film!

It's a point-and-shoot exercise...of talking heads. No artistry whatsoever.


从黑夜到白天 A Straight Journey from Masamojo on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

From 2014-2015, masamojo, along with a team of two photographers, who are straight, took a journey across 11 cities in China, making portraits of 48 gays and lesbians and their families. A short film was made during the journey, documenting the stories they told for the first time.

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