Ave 43

USA, English, 8 mins

  • Director: Justin Tanner
  • Writer: Justin Tanner
  • Producer: Justin Tanner

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This failed the 30-second-web-series-test.



The(ir) Blurb...

Romance and mystery in Highland Park.

Cast & Characters

Chloe Taylor as Debbie;
Cody Chappel as Mike;
Melissa Denton as Irene;
Jonathan Palmer as Cliff;
Danielle Kennedy as Fran;
Tom Fitzpatrick as Lyle;
Danny Schmitz as Shayne;
Cheryl Hawker as Penny;
Michael Halpin as Walter;
Abby Travis as Ondria;
Gary Holland as Keith;
Joe Keyes as Kevin;
Liz Davies as Dierdre Langley;
Tad Coughenour as Tim;
Andy Steinlen as Phil

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