USA, English, 7 mins

  • Director: Cheryl Briggs; Jared Bittner
  • Writer: Jared Bittner; Shanique Brown

CGiii Comment

As a teaser to something bigger...it does the job!

Everything is there...the animation just needs a little refinement.


Cuddlefish from Cheryl Briggs on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Cuddlefish is the story of Viktor, a daring Viking on the adventure of a lifetime. His travels come to a grinding halt when he meets an adorable love-sick kraken, who falls in love with the anchor on Viktor's mighty ship. The two face off in an epic conflict of wit which teaches both of them that love is blind as far as the eye can 'sea.'

Cast & Characters

Jared Bittner as Viktor;
Alexis Planer as Kaimana;
Connor Waugh as Keala

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