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I Hate Pink!

Country: Italy, Language: Italian, 16 mins

Original Title

Odio il rosa!
  • Director: Margherita Ferri
  • Writer: Margherita Ferri
  • Producer: Margherita Ferri

CGiii Comment

A film that raises more questions than it answers....the main one being: Should parents allow their child to be filmed?


The(ir) Blurb...

While controversy rages in Italy about so-called 'gender ideology', considered to be the source of all evils, on the Romagnola Riviera the Di Nuzzo's hold a totally different view. A day at the beach and a breakdance competition: the portrait of a family trying to understand and support the natural inclinations of their children, regardless of the general opinion defending the dominance of biological gender and established socio-cultural roles.

Cast & Characters

Filippo Di Nuzzo;
Mauro Di Nuzzo;
Violante Di Nuzzo;
Silvia Manzani