Lucy, 4:57 pm

USA, English, 10 mins

  • Director: Michael Thomas Vassallo
  • Writer: Michael Thomas Vassallo; Nadine Vassallo

CGiii Comment

When any film is inspired by 'Dogme' - expect the worst.

Unfortunately [or fortunately], the whole 'Dogme' thing seems to have been swept under the carpet...with the use of music!

Too many close-ups and empty spaces! It's a short film, use every second wisely!


The(ir) Blurb...

Lucy, a self-styled teenage rebel, wants to leave the painful, boring world of her high school and suburb behind. She decides to run away with Sheila, her photography teacher, with whom she has a secret relationship - without realizing that Sheila might not share her vision of this perfect escape. Utilizing techniques inspired by Dogme 95 and the French New Wave, 'Lucy, 4:57 PM' brings us into Lucy's inner world as she waits for Sheila to pick her up outside of her school on the day they are meant to run away together.

Cast & Characters

Victoria Frings as Sheila;
Dylan Gelula as Lucy

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