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My Brother

Spain, Spanish, 23 mins

Original Title

Mi Hermano
  • Director: Miguel Lafuente
  • Writer: Miguel Lafuente
  • Producer: Tania Galán

CGiii Comment

This is rather intense...

Shame about the last scene, totally unnecessary.


The(ir) Blurb...

Alberto has fled as far as possible from her conservative family. He lives in Berlin with his partner, and works as a comics illustrator. But an unexpected event forces him to return home and face the past.

Alberto ha huido lo más lejos posible de su conservadora familia. Vive en Berlín, con su pareja, y trabaja como ilustrador de comics. Pero un acontecimiento inesperado le obliga a regresar a casa y enfrentarse a su pasado.

Cast & Characters

Marta Belaustegui as Mother;
Fernando De Juan as Padre;
Alvaro de Juan as Alberto;
Jeff Frey as Nick;
Samuel Fuentes;
Flora Lopez as Ta

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