Canada, English, 13 mins

  • Director: Jayne Clarke
  • Producer: Jayne Clarke; Angela Clemente

CGiii Comment

Jeeeezuz Christ...can someone not have a bit of fun without being overly analysed by some pseudo-academic fraud?!?!

This could have been a 'fun film' - alas, the pseudo spouts out his drivel.

More Mina!!!

A well-filmed film nonetheless.


Posted from Jayne Clarke on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Posted is a short documentary looking into the life of Instagram celebrity Mina Gerges, or better known to his followers as '@keepingupwithmina'. The film documents @keepingupwithmina rise to 'insta-fame', as well as Mina's life as just another 'normal' student...However, 'normal' has never been a term that has sat well with this Instagram user....

Cast & Characters

Mina Gerges as Himself;
Matthew Halse as Himself

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