Pretty Dudes

USA, English, 9 mins

  • Director: Chance Calloway
  • Writer: Chance Calloway; Chris Edelen
  • Producer: Tony Garbanzos; Tiffany Leung; Kat Nguyen

CGiii Comment

A masterclass in...how not to make a web series!


The(ir) Blurb...

When a group of dudes in the greater Los Angeles area, self-categorized as 'pretty boys,' decide that their looks have ruined their romantic lives, they set out to reverse the curse.

Cast & Characters

Bryan Michael Nunez as Zario
Xavier Avila as Ellington
Kyle Rezzarday as Alexander
Yoshi Sudarso as Sunji
Tae Song as Jay
Joshuah Snel as Marshall
Olivia Thai as agle
Aria Song as December
Tanerélle Stephens as Kish
Marc Fajardo as Rock
Stacy Snyder as Mandy

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