Shauna is a Liar

Canada, English, 11 mins

  • Director: Chell Stephen
  • Writer: Chell Stephen
  • Producer: Kristy Neville; Chi Pilon

CGiii Comment

It's good, especially the cinematography.

But...it runs out of steam by the end, it needed a bigger ending!!!


Shauna is a Liar from Think/Feel on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

An imaginative 9 year old perfectionist plots ill-conceived revenge on the thing she hates most: liars.

Cast & Characters

Erika Brodzky as Mom;
Jennifer Ferris as Miss Cruthers;
John Marcucci as Mr. James;
Isabella Coelho as Shauna T;
Joanna Bassias as Shauna W

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