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Still Devout

USA, Spanish, 20 mins

  • Director: Melissa Perez
  • Producer: Gabriela Gonzalez

CGiii Comment

The main story gets a little lost...which is a shame.

No [real] need for the brother's storyline...but, the invasion of the confession should have been played out more. It's a truly chilling scene.

Religion, tradition and sexuality will always be cause for concern...with more focus, this little film had the potential to scream out a rather important message!


Still Devout Film from Melissa Y. Perez on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

STILL DEVOUT follows 24 year old Ceci who embarks on a journey to grant her mother’s wish—to find healing in a church for Ceci’s brother suffering with severe mental illness. After Ceci's brother has a severe psychotic episode, Ceci is determined to gain peace in the family. A family driven by faith, love and desperation struggle as their clashing values and identities complicate the trip.

Cast & Characters

Valeria Chavez as Ceci;
Eddie Martinez as Felipe;
Gloria Sandoval as Lupe;
Tony Sagastizado I as Father Sanchez;
Armando Heredia as Church Caretaker;
Natalie Camunas as Grace

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