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Country: Norway, Language: English, 9 mins

  • Director: Ella Alise Rogne
  • Writer: Ella Alise Rogne

CGiii Comment

They say the editing can wreck a potentially good film...well, both the editor and director excelled in doing just that!


SULT (Erotic horror - fiction, short film) !Mature! from Ella Alise Rogne on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

SULT (erotic horror) is a story about Vera who is desperately in love with Susanne. Vera is getting obsessed and hungry for love when her feelings are not responded. Egoism takes over and leads her in a bloody direction when she discovers her need to own something more.

Cast & Characters

Marianne Lindbeck as Susanne
Sarah-Stephanie as Vera