Forest (The)

USA, English, 7 mins

  • Director: Frank Helmer
  • Writer: Frank Helmer
  • Producer: Effie Brown; Frank Helmer

CGiii Comment

Eeew...what a thoroughly unpleasant film.

Men are animals, indeed! Done well though.


THE FOREST 1080P 1.78 23 - Broadband from Frank Helmer on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

When a young hiker encounters a sexy stranger deep in the woods, suddenly, nothing is what it seems. A novice hiker exploring a lush forest with the help of a smart phone application, is closely watched by a host of wild animals. Choosing a path less traveled he encounters a mysterious and sexy stranger. As their paths cross, the game changes and an innocent exploration of the forest becomes a much more dangerous and exciting experience.

Cast & Characters

Coleman Drew as The Explorer;
Robert Paul Taylor as The Stranger;
Chris Toledo as The Racoon;
Felix Barron IV as The Bear;
Christopher Fleming as The Deer;
David LeBarron as Club Patron;
Albert Loyla as Club Patron;
Matthew Mathiason as Club Patron;
Ben Newcombe as Club Patron;
Ben Phen as Club Patron

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