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Leyenda Negra (La)

Country: USA, Language: English, 80 mins

  • Director: Patricia Vidal Delgado
  • Writer: Patricia Vidal Delgado
  • Producer: Alicia Herder; Marcel Perez

CGiii Comment

What do you do when the country you have lived in since childhood begins to actively persecute you? Aleteia is a teenager from El Salvador, whose intelligence leads to both political rebellion and academic success. When the chance of a scholarship arises, Aleteia must consider the losses and gains of leaving the United States, even as she is fiercely critical of it. As a young anarchist, working in solidarity with other marginalised youth, she finds herself conflicted by radical activity at the same time as discovering her sexuality with new love interest Rosarito, who is beginning to reject the superficiality of her old clique. This is a careful exploration of the turbulent forces that shape the lives of queer immigrant youth.

Jay Bernard


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Cast & Characters

Monica Betancourt as Aleteia
Kailei Lopez as Rosarito
Irlanda Moreno as Monica
Maria Jose Fernandez as Carmen
Sammy Flores as David
Justin Avila as Armando
Jessica Moore as Pilot
Okey Onyiuke as Couple Man
Adamma Ebo as Couple Woman
Ollie as Tin Tan
John Dellaporta as Vandal 1
Brett Calo as Vandal 2
Daniel Abraham Stevens as Vandal 3
Bertha Reynoso as Mrs. Lopez
Diego Reynoso Alleyne as Mrs. Lopez's Son