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8 años

Country: Spain, Language: Spanish

  • Director: Jd Alcazar
  • Writer: Jd Alcazar
  • Producer: Carlos Mestanza, Miguel Ángel Poveda

CGiii Comment

How to overcome true love? Jose considers David the man of his life, but when he suddenly breaks up with him after 8 years together, Jose is haunted by memories of their past relationship, which bring home to him that their life together wasn't as ideal as he once thought.


8 AÑOS Trailer (4K/24fps) from Goldtower Producciones on Vimeo.

Cast & Characters

Isabel Torres (as Thora)
Natalia Rodríguez (as Fayna)
María Isabel Díaz Lago (as Enfermera)
Astrid Jones (as Espontánea)
Sergio Momo (as Tito Raúl)
Carlos Mestanza (as David)
Miguel Diosdado (as Jose)
María Maroto (as Lucía)
León Molina (as Aday)
Maykol Hernández (as Kinki Papi)
Marga Arnau (as Mujer)
Paloma Albaladejo (as Mujer de Actividades Dudodas)
José Luis de Madariaga (as Anciano)
Iriome del Toro (as Kinki Mami)
Josetxu del Portillo (as Hombre Foto (as Josechu del Portillo))
Eloi Catalan (as Airam)
Rebeca Mahoney Sánchez (as Guiri Murciana)
Alfonso Valcárcel (as Espontáneo)
Toni Díaz (as Policia)
Carlota Clark (as Guiri Murciana)
Carolina Bécquer (as Julia)