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Bekis on the Run

Country: Philippines, Language: Tagalog, Filipino, 92 mins

  • Director: Joel Lamangan
  • Producer: Vincent del Rosario III, Vic del Rosario Jr., Veronique del Rosario-Corpus, Hermie Go, June Torrejon-Rufino

CGiii Comment

A hoodlum and his gay brother rob a construction firm to fund their guardian's medication.


Cast & Characters

Diego Loyzaga (as Andres)
Christian Bables (as Donald)
Kylie Verzosa (as Adriana)
Sean De Guzman (as Martin)
Lou Veloso (as Nanay Pacing)
Tabs Sumulong (as Upeng)
Josef Elizalde (as Quartero)
Johnny Revilla (as Col. Capule)
Jim Pebanco (as Gen. Gallardo)
Kenken Nuyad (as Strawberry)
Buknoy Glamur (as Peach)
Lander Vera-Perez (as Albert (as Lander Vera Perez))
Shane Patrick Carrera (as Young Andres)
Angelo Baldasano (as Young Donald (as Angelo Arac))
Jayson Pabalan (as Mr. Talbot)
Cecile Yumul (as Sen. Trillo (as Cecil Yumul))
Emil Patrick Gruta (as Gilbert (as Emil Gruta))
Allen Polo (as Boyfriend of Gen. Gallardo)