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Blood-Red Ox

Country: USA | Bolivia, Language: English | Spanish, 94 mins

  • Director: Rodrigo Bellott; Rodrigo A. Orozco
  • Writer: Rodrigo Bellott; Nate Atkins
  • Producer: Kaolin Bass; Rodrigo Bellott; Andrea Camponovo

CGiii Comment

A totally wild ride about two boyfriends traveling through Bolivia. The trip takes a scary turn as one of them starts having bizarre visions and loses his marbles over the presence of a blood-red ox.


Cast & Characters

Mazin Akar as Amir
Kaolin Bass as Amat
Andrea Camponovo as Amancaya
Vitorio Lema as Amaru
Idalmis Garcia as Amanda
Julián Mercado as Amro
Miguel Michel as Americo
Ana Dominguez as A Mother
Toto Vaca as Amarillo
Shawn Brown as Amaury
Mary Ellen Liepins as A Ma'am
Marco Antonio Mercado as A Machete Handler