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Lesbiennes, quelle histoire?

Country: France, Language: French, 60 mins

  • Director: Marie Labory
  • Writer: Marie Labory, Florence d'Azémar

CGiii Comment

"I am a lesbian". Behind these two words, still not easy to pronounce everywhere today, lies more than a century of struggles, conducted both by famous writers such as Colette, Natalie Clifford Barney, Violette Leduc and by a multitude of anonymous and unknown women who fought against the moral and political order and against psychiatric institutions. This journey in the footsteps of lesbians who lived in Europe in the 20th century, in France, Germany, England, gives them back the place they deserve in history. They are not only found in big cities, but also in the countryside, in the suburbs, in the houses where they have hidden for fear of social condemnation. They re-emerge from the lesbian archives through images of the first cabarets in Berlin, of the first butch women, of their caricatures in the newspapers of the Belle Époque,

À partir de son expérience personnelle, Marie Labory se lance sur la trace des lesbiennes qui ont vécu en Europe au XXème siècle. Cent ans de combats pour la liberté, racontés pour la première fois, en archives et témoignages, dans un documentaire.


Cast & Characters

Marie Labory (as Self)