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Me You Madness

Country: United States, Language: English, 98 mins

  • Director: Louise Linton
  • Writer: Louise Linton
  • Producer: Suzanne Dean, Kate Dudley, Christopher Rush Harrington, Louise Linton, Jijo Reed, Kristen Ruhlin, Christelle Zeinoun

CGiii Comment

A young thief (Ed Westwick) cases an architectural dream house in Malibu, not realizing it is the home of an eccentric female serial killer (Louise Linton). Catherine Black runs a successful hedge fund in Los Angeles. She is also a fashion-obsessed serial killer with a penchant for champagne, cocaine, excessive exercise, sex, expensive shoes, and indescribable violence. On the weekends she retreats from her penthouse office in a skyscraper downtown to her glass-and-steel architectural dream house in Malibu. On this particular weekend, she lures a young thief to her home. After falling passionately in love with her, he discovers her true nature.


Cast & Characters

Louise Linton (as Catherine Black)
Ed Westwick (as Tyler Jones)
Shuya Chang (as Yu Yan)
Jimmy Dinh (as Tien-Ting)
Tyler Barnes (as Chad)
Gwen Van Dam (as Grandma Betty)
Joel Michaely (as Pat)
Manda Omoregie (as Hedge Funder 1)
Dawn Matthews (as Hedge Funder 2)
Friday Chamberlain (as Hedge Funder 3)
Lani Ching (as Hedge Funder 4)
Alli Boyer-Ybarra (as Assistant Mandy)
Seth Coltan (as Creepy Jim at Spin Class)
Ramsey Stewart (as Nail Client)
Suzanne Dean (as Dr. Kristofferson)
Kiki The Kukulcania Hibernalis (as Spider)
Anarla-Star Sullivan (as Baby Girl)
Bastian Margolies (as Little Boy 1)
Ellis Margolies (as Little Boy 2)
Bisou (as Dog)
Amy Bullock (as Bike Rider)
Patrick Mahaney (as Bike Rider)
Phil Hammond (as Bike Rider)
Grant Goodman (as Unsynchronized Bike Rider)
Sandra Peña (as Bike Instructor)