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She is Conann

Country: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Language: French, English, 105 mins

  • Director: Bertrand Mandico
  • Writer: Bertrand Mandico
  • Producer: Avi Amar, Gilles Chanial, Emmanuel Chaumet, Olivier Dubois, Antoine Garnier

CGiii Comment

Conan's life at different stages is shown with a different aesthetic and rhythm from the Sumerian era to the near future.


Cast & Characters

Elina Löwensohn (as Rainer)
Christa Théret (as Conann 25 ans)
Julia Riedler (as Sanja)
Claire Duburcq (as Conann 15 ans)
Sandra Parfait (as Conann 35 ans)
Agata Buzek (as Conann 45 ans)
Nathalie Richard (as Conann 55 ans)
Françoise Brion (as Conann Reine)
Audrey Bonnet (as Cimère)
Christophe Bier (as Octavia)
Holly-Rose Clegg (as Uma Porn)
Nicolas de Lavergne (as Le passant défoné)
Marie Drion (as Diana Darck)
Michaël Erpelding (as Olympia)
Lucas Faulong (as Himla)
Yuming Hey (as Ex Turil 21)
Anne Lise Maulin (as Zuricha Demain)
Anna Raisson (as Colico Flux)
Karoline Rose Sun (as Ultra Lux)