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Male Gaze: Shadows On Skin (The)

Country: Various, 108 mins

  • Director: Various
  • Writer: Various
  • Producer: Various

CGiii Comment

Adan And Esteban
Two former high school classmates return from a night of heavy partying. The closeness of their friendship long ago quickly metamorphoses into a present day battle between tenderness and desire. As the pair open their minds to each other, dawn sheds light on their anxieties, which soon evaporate under the sun’s rays.
Directors: Nicolás Alan Medina, Lucía Rivera López.

On the hunt for an emotional spark, Fynn sets out to lose himself in various sexual encounters of the night. As day is dawning he stumbles across young Tom, but by this point he wonders if he is still in control of his bodily impulses.
Director: Julian Dieterich.

After an Internet connection outage, two neighbors who have never met before but have an online relationship decide to leave the big city and try out a living in the real world. Director: Lui Avallos.

Private Photos
A sweet couple invite a third person over for the night, who brings a lustful energy to spice things up.
Director: Marcelo Grabowsky.