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Night Beyond the Tricornered Window (The)

Country: Japan, Language: Japanese, 102 mins

Original Title

Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru
  • Director: Yukihiro Morigaki
  • Writer: Tomoko Aizawa, Ayumi Sekine, Tomoko Yamashita
  • Producer: Miki Watanabe

CGiii Comment

A boy has been seeing ghosts since he was very young. He cannot help it and cannot break free. He is approached by a talented man one day who claims he can be of assistance. He has to take part in exorcisms however. They are approached to help with a detective's case soon. They agree. Their work also draws them close to one another.


Cast & Characters

Wataru Hatano (as Rihito Hiyakawa)
Yurina Hirate (as Erika Hiura)
Keiko Kitagawa (as Keiko)
Shinya Niiro (as Kazuomi Sakaki)
Masaki Okada (as Rihito Hiyakawa)
Yuki Sakurai (as Saeko Hanzawa)
Nobunaga Shimazaki (as Kosuke Mikado)
Jun Shison (as Kosuke Mikado)
Makita Sports (as Matsuo Hiura)
Ken'ichi Takitô (as Hiroki Hanzawa)
Michitaka Tsutsui (as Tetsuya Ishiguro)
Emi Wakui (as Noriko)