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Things We Dare Not Do

Country: Mexico, Language: Spanish, 71 mins

Original Title

Cosas que no hacemos
  • Director: Bruno Santamaria Razo
  • Writer: Bruno Santamaria Razo

CGiii Comment

Santa Claus is flying over a small village nestled on a small, protected island in Mexico between two rivers and a mangrove forest. Children are free to play and grow at their own pace in what seems like heaven. Ñoño, 16, does not want to grow up and prefers to spend his days teaching younger children how to dance. But it is impossible to stay forever young and Ñoño who hides a secret can not hold it inside him forever.

As the island prepares for a community celebration, Ñoño begins to find the courage to tell his family that she wants to live life as a woman. When a firecracker leads to a sudden fire, the ideal life on the island shatters and Ñoño faces the transphobic reality.

Bruno Santamaria Raz’s moving and eye-opening documentary is a work about courage, youth and the love of life. There is no doubt that this is one of the young and impressive voices that have come out of Mexico for a long time.


Things We Dare Not Do | Official Trailer | Taskovski Films from Taskovski Films on Vimeo.

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