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Country: Israel, Language: Hebrew, 80 mins

Original Title

  • Director: Astar Elkayam
  • Writer: Astar Elkayam
  • Producer: Ronen Ben Tal

CGiii Comment

Two follows a couple as they set out on the long road to conception and realize their dream of having a baby.

Omer and Bar are deliriously in love and can’t wait to start a family. On their first visit to the sperm bank, they are filled with hope and excitement for their future together. When one visit turns into five, however, emotions start to run high and things become tense. When Omer’s ex, Yoni, enters the picture as a potential sperm donor, more questions arise as the pair determine the lengths they will go to attain motherhood.

An assured directorial debut by Astar Elyayam, Two explores one couple’s complex journey with style and nuance, asking along the way if love really conquers all.


Cast & Characters

Mor Polanuer as Omer
Naama Preis as Shaked
Agam Schuster as Bar
Hadas Kalderon as Gali
Gil Desiano as Yoni
Sobhi Hosari as Hamudi