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Viva Forever

Country: Germany, Language: German, English, 97 mins

  • Director: Sinje Köhler
  • Writer: Sinje Köhler
  • Producer: Nils Gustenhofen, Kathrin Rodemeier, Joachim Weiler

CGiii Comment

Every year since high school, five women spend a few days in summer at Lake Garda. But this time, one of them doesn’t join the beloved tradition. Her decision remains mysterious for the friends, fueling long-kept doubts about the value of this friendship that has become more superficial throughout the years. Now in their late twenties, the friends have grown apart, lifestyles and personalities have changed. The Lotte-topic becomes an “elephant in the room”, slowly poisoning the holiday vibes. Hurtful truths and accusations come to light. The friends start to realise that they relied too much on the past. For the first time in years, they are honest with themselves, committing to define their friendship in the here and now.


Cast & Characters

Ricardo Angelini (as Carabinieri)
Meggie Aubele (as Tabea)
David Auer (as Amadeo)
Alessandro Bressanello (as Blumenverkäufer)
David Brizzi (as Federico)
Verena Buratti (as Frau Ianello)
Homa Faghiri (as Amali)
Matteo Forni (as Jacopo)
Ina Maria Jaich (as Sophie)
Nils Malten (as Björn)
Sebastiano Meli (as Karaoke Moderator)
Janet Rothe (as Luise (Luz))
Natalia Rudziewicz (as Francesca)
Thandi Sebe (as Fana)
Jasmin Wagner (as Blümchen)
Timo Weisschnur (as Lars)