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We Will Never Belong

Country: Mexico, Language: Spanish, 90 mins

Original Title

Nunca seremos parte
  • Director: Amelia Eloisa
  • Writer: Amelia Eloisa
  • Producer: Diego Caballero, Amelia Eloisa

CGiii Comment

Emi, a solitary teenager, is dealing with newfound doubts and resentments due to her mother's relationship with a woman. Determined to change her circumstances, Emi returns to her hometown, where she lives with her father's new family and seeks comfort in her grandmother. The arrival of her father's step-daughter, Gala, immediately seduces Emi and brings about some questioning about her own sexual orientation. This fleeting relationship prepares Emi to heal her relationship with her mother and gives her the strength to move on.


Cast & Characters

Verónica Langer (as Eleonora)
Andrea Portal (as Sandra)
Alex Pimienta (as Chila)
Xésar Tena (as Cayetano)
Adriana Palafox (as Emi)
Magnolia (as Gala)