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Zip it

Country: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UK, Language: Arabic, English, 58 mins

  • Director: Anicée Gohar
  • Writer: Anicée Gohar
  • Producer: Anicée Gohar

CGiii Comment

It would seem that this film has been practically ignored, disregarded...binned even.

There is a reason...amid allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct, Mr Kojak fled his country...leaving, in his wake, this [what would seem] unfinished film.

It's only 58 minutes long...58 minutes is long enough to spend in the company of this devout narcissist.

The film is a scrappily made document that focusses on him and his ever-present ego rather than on the clothes and the design process. There's a reason...the clothes are a mixture of early Gaultier and Westwood inspired 're-imaginings'...with the imagery being a substandard rip-off of Pierre et other words, nothing original...especially, to those who know a thing or two about fashion.

For the less well-versed, he probably impresses...with his enfant terrible dilettantism. But...the feathers he may have ruffled - in his short career - have all been, it would seem, remaining silent over the accusations, he has been duly himself and everyone else!

Good luck with the film's is going to touch it!


The(ir) Blurb...

Zip It exposes the challenges a creative and eccentric young man can face in a society where anything unconventional is controversial. Following the out-of-the-ordinary yet ordinary life of Egyptian "fashion designer of the moment" Mohanad Kojak, the film shows the resilience it takes to be successful in today's Cairo.

Cast & Characters

Mohanad Kojak