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Country: USA, Language: English, 8 mins

  • Director: Charlene Fisk
  • Writer: Charlene Fisk
  • Producer: Phoebe Brown

CGiii Comment

When 10-year-old Park works up the nerve to give the girl across the street a love note, she faces the judgment of those closest to her. Park has to decide if she will remain true to herself or become what others expect her to be.


LIMERENCE from Charlie Fisk on Vimeo.

Cast & Characters

Lucy Carlyle as School kid
Ari Cifuentes as School kid
Bowie Danner as Park
Catherine Dyer as Linda
Layla Felder as Nia
Madison Green as School kid
Shane Donovan Lewis as Isaac
Reid Meadows as TJ
Savannah Nebling as Cat
Laila Pruitt as School kid
Tyler Richardson as Brandon
Joseph Rodriguez as School kid
Elliott Sailors as Motorcyclist
Fuller Stoll as School kid