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Queer Lisboa

Queer Lisboa

Friday, 18 September 2020 until Saturday, 26 September 2020

Queer Lisboa is the sole Portuguese Film Festival dedicated exclusively to screening gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual themed films, a genre known as Queer Cinema. It is our purpose that of programming the most aesthetically and narrative wise relevant titles in the international panorama, so that our audience has access to a number of films whose visibility in the film circuit is very restricted. Queer Cinema is an integral part of Film History, although its taxonomy is very recent: in the early 1990’s a new genre arises, mirroring new subjective perspectives on sexual and gender identities.

Queer Lisboa is the gateway in Portugal for this genre. The Festival also invites a number of personalities working in Queer Cinema to attend the event, therefore promoting theoretical knowledge on queer themes and concepts. The film programme is organized in Competition Sections for Best Feature Film, Best Documentary, and Best Short Film; so as in non-competition sections, special screenings and film programmes dedicated to a filmmaker, theme, or country, retrospectives on the representation of homosexuality in Film History, sections dedicated to Queer Cinema subgenres, and parallel pedagogical activities.

The Festival also works on the preservation, promotion, and distribution of Portuguese Cinema, of which we regularly present retrospectives and special programmes in International Film Festivals.


2020 films...


By Mahx Capacity / Feature Film: 97 min. / Documentary, Explicit Content, Feminism, Lesbian, Performance, Porn, Queer, Sexuality, Trans

A Dança do Narciso Inseguro / The Dance of the Insecure Narcissus

By Ana Matos / Short Film: 8 min. / Bodies, Experimental, Identity

A Perfectly Normal Family / En helt almindelig familie

By Malou Reymann / Feature Film: 97 min. / Family, Fiction, Trans

À Tarde, sob o Sol / Afternoon Sun

By Gonçalo Pina / Short Film: 10 min. / Fiction, Gay, Youth

Afterimages / Powidoki

By Karol Radziszewski / Short Film: 15 min. / Cruising, Documentary, Gay


By Simon Guélat / Short Film: 31 min. / Coming of Age, Fiction, Gender, Trans

All We've Got

By Alexis Clements / Feature Film: 67 min. / Activism, Community, Documentary, Lesbian, Politics, Women

Always Amber / Alltid Amber

By Lia Hietala, Hannah Reinikainen / Feature Film: 76 min. / Documentary, Gender, Trans, Youth

An Act of Affection

By Viet Vu / Short Film: 16 min. / Documentary, Gay, Old Age

Ask Any Buddy

By Evan Purchell / Feature Film: 78 min. / Cruising, Experimental, Explicit Content, Gay, Porn

At Home but Not at Home

By Suneil Sanzgiri / Short Film: 11 min. / Colonialism, Documentary, Experimental, Family, Identity, Migrations

Babydyke / Babylebbe

By Tone Ottilie / Short Film: 20 min. / Coming of Age, Family, Fiction, Lesbian

Bodies without Bodies in Outer Space / Ciała bez ciał w kosmosie

By Rafał Morusiewicz / Short Film: 38 min. / Cinema, Experimental


By Ana Manana, Joana Lourenço / Short Film: 10 min. / Art and Artists, Community, Documentary, Feminism, Queer, Women

Carne / Flesh

By Camila Kater / Short Film: 12 min. / Animation, Bodies, Documentary, Old Age, Women, Youth

Cause of Death

By Jyoti Mistry / Short Film: 20 min. / Bodies, Documentary, Experimental, Women

Chrishna Ombwiri

By Claire Doyon / Short Film: 13 min. / Documentary, Gender, Religion


By Jennifer Reeves / Short Film: 38 min. / Experimental, Lesbian, Trauma

Comets / Kometebi

By Tamar Shavgulidze / Feature Film: 71 min. / Family, Fiction, Lesbian, Old Age

Days / Rizi

By Tsai Ming-liang / Feature Film: 127 min. / Fiction, Gay

De A a D / From A to D

By Maria João Paiva / Short Film: 10 min. / Bodies, Documentary, Old Age, Women, Youth

Deux / Two of Us

By Filippo Meneghetti / Feature Film: 95 min. / Family, Fiction, Lesbian, Old Age, Relationship

Dopamina / Dopamine

By Natalia Imery Almario / Feature Film: 86 min. / Documentary, Family, Lesbian, Old Age, Politics, Youth

eadem cutis: the same skin / eadem cutis: dieselbe haut

By Nina Hopf / Short Film: 6 min. / Animation, Bodies, Documentary, Family, Gender, Identity, Trans

El Cazador / Young Hunter

By Marco Berger / Feature Film: 101 min. / Fiction, Gay, Youth

El Príncipe / The Prince

By Sebastián Muñoz / Feature Film: 96 min. / Fiction, Gay, Relationship

El Viaje de Monalisa / The Journey of Monalisa

By Nicole Costa / Feature Film: 99 min. / Art and Artists, Documentary, Gender, Performance, Sex Workers, Trans

Équation à un Inconnu / Letter to an Unknown

By Dietrich de Velsa / Feature Film: 94 min. / Fiction, Gay, Porn

Et in Arcadia Ego

By Sam Ashby / Short Film: 6 min. / Cruising, Documentary

Extérieur Crépuscule / Sunset Cemetery

By Roman Kané / Short Film: 22 min. / Fiction, Gay

Fuck Tree

By Liz Rosenfeld / Short Film: 9 min. / Cruising, Experimental


By Thịnh Nguyễn / Short Film: 7 min. / Animation, Comedy


By Peter Strickland / Short Film: 3 min. / Bodies, Cruising, Experimental, Gay

Hiding in the Lights

By Katrina Daschner / Feature Film: 73 min. / Bodies, Erotism, Experimental, Performance, Queer, Women

Hombres de Piel Dura / Men of Hard Skin

By José Celestino Campusano / Feature Film: 96 min. / Fiction, Gay, Religion

I Am an Other

By Victoria Salomonsen / Short Film: 16 min. / Documentary, Identity, Lesbian, Performance, Relationship

In His Bold Gaze

By Bernardo Zanotta / Short Film: 20 min. / Docu-fiction, Fetish


By Simone Bozzelli / Short Film: 16 min. / Fiction, Gay, Homophobia, Straight, Youth

Judy versus Capitalism

By Mike Hoolboom / Feature Film: 63 min. / Documentary, Feminism, Women


By Karol Radziszewski / Short Film: 30 min. / Documentary, Ga

L'Acrobate / The Acrobat

By Rodrigue Jean / Feature Film: 134 min. / Explicit Content, Fiction, Gay, Relationship

L'Homme Jetée

By Loïc Hobi / Short Film: 21 min. / Fiction, Gay, Homoerotism

La Casa dell'Amore / The House of Love

By Luca Ferri / Feature Film: 78 min. / Documentary, Sex Workers, Trans

La Traction des Pôles / Magnetic Harvest

By Marine Levéel / Short Film: 23 min. / Fiction, Gay

Las Mil y Una / One in a Thousand

By Clarisa Navas / Feature Film: 120 min. / AIDS, Family, Fiction, Lesbian, Relationship, Youth

Le Dragon à Deux Têtes / O Dragão de Duas Cabeças

By Páris Cannes / Short Film: 21 min. / Docu-fiction, Family, Gay, Identity, Migrations

Le Milieu de l'Horizon / Beyond the Horizon

By Delphine Lehericey / Feature Film: 92 min. / Family, Fiction, Lesbian

Les Nuits d'Allonzo / Allonzo's Nights

By Antoine Granier / Feature Film: 46 min. / Fiction, Gay

Lingua Franca

By Isabel Sandoval / Feature Film: 89 min. / Fiction, Migrations, Relationship, Trans


By Liz Rosenfeld / Short Film: 8 min. / Cruising, Documentary

Los Fuertes / The Strong Ones

By Omar Zúñiga / Feature Film: 98 min. / Fiction, Gay, Relationship

Mach Stem

By Daniel McIntyre / Short Film: 13 min. / Autobiographical, Documentary, Gay

Make Up

By Claire Oakley / Feature Film: 86 min. / Coming of Age, Fiction, Lesbian

Minha História É Outra / I Have Another Story to Tell

By Mariana Campos / Short Film: 22 min. / Documentary, Lesbian, Women


By Francisco Ríos Flores / Feature Film: 74 min. / Documentary, Gay, Sex Workers

Monsters in the Closet

By Jennifer Reeves / Short Film: 14 min. / Experimental, Lesbian, Trauma

Moonlight People

By Dmitri Frolov / Short Film: 14 min. / Experimental, Queer, Relationship, Sexuality

Mr. Leather

By Daniel Nolasco / Feature Film: 85 min. / BDSM, Documentary, Fetish, Gay


By Arnoud Holleman / Short Film: 8 min. / Cruising, Fiction, Gay


By Nora Štrbová / Short Film: 3 min. / Animation, Voyeurism


By Johannes Maria Schmit / Feature Film: 82 min. / Family, Fiction, Relationship, Trans

No Hard Feelings / Futur Drei

By Faraz Shariat / Feature Film: 92 min. / Family, Fiction, Gay, Youth

Padrone Dove Sei / Master Where Are You

By Carlo Michele Schirinzi / Feature Film: 82 min. / Bodies, Experimental, Gay, Queer, Voyeurism

Para Onde Voam as Feiticeiras / Southern Sorceresses

By Eliane Caffé, Carla Caffé, Beto Amaral / Feature Film: 89 min. / Art and Artists, Community, Documentary, Identity, LGBT, Performance

Petite Fille / Little Girl

By Sébastien Lifshitz / Feature Film: 85 min. / Documentary, Family, Gender, Trans

Progressive Touch

By Michael Portnoy / Short Film: 12 min. / Bodies, Comedy, Dance, Explicit Content, Performance, Sexuality

Quebramar / Breakwater

By Cris Lyra / Short Film: 27 min. / Bodies, Community, Documentary, Lesbian


By Youssef Youssef / Short Film: 29 min. / Community, Docu-fiction, Drag

Queer Genius

By Chet Catherine Pancake / Feature Film: 115 min. / Art and Artists, Documentary, Feminism, Women

Race d'Ep! / The Homosexual Century

By Lionel Soukaz, Guy Hocquenghem / Feature Film: 84 min. / Cruising, Docu-fiction, Gay, Sexuality

Red Ants Bite

By Elene Naveriani / Short Film: 23 min. / Fiction, Migrations, Relationship

Rescue the Fire / Retter das Feuer

By Jasco Viefhues / Feature Film: 86 min. / Activism, AIDS, Art and Artists, Community, Documentary


By Francy Fabritz / Short Film: 8 min. / Fiction, Lesbian, Old Age

Rose Minitel

By Olivier Cheval / Short Film: 27 min. / Erotism, Fiction, Lesbian

Santos / Saints

By Alejo Fraile / Feature Film: 71 min. / Coming of Age, Family, Fiction, Religion, Youth

Si C’Était de L’Amour / If It Were Love

By Patric Chiha / Feature Film: 82 min. / Art and Artists, Bodies, Dance, Documentary, Identity, Queer


By Luther Price / Short Film: 17 min. / Bodies, Experimental, Gay, Porn

Somewhere in Outer Space this Might Be Happening Somehow

By Paulo Malafaya / Short Film: 17 min. / Autobiographical, Experimental, Gay, Queer

Stray Dogs Come Out at Night

By Hamza Bangash / Short Film: 11 min. / AIDS, Fiction, Sex Workers


By Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca / Short Film: 21 min. / Docu-fiction, Gender, Identity


By William E. Jones / Feature Film: 56 min. / Cruising, Documentary, Gay

Test Room

By Pedro Antunes / Short Film: 4 min. / Bodies, Experimental, Queer

The Art of Fallism

By Aslaug Aarsæther, Gunnbjørg Gunnarsdóttir / Feature Film: 74 min. / Activism, Community, Documentary, LGBT, Politics

The Institute

By Alexander Glandien / Short Film: 13 min. / Animation, Documentary, Politics, Trans


By Jamie di Spirito / Short Film: 17 min. / AIDS, Cruising, Fiction, Gay

Toutes les Vies de Kojin / The Many Lives of Kojin

By Diako Yazdani / Feature Film: 88 min. / Documentary, Gay, Homophobia, Migrations, Religion

Umbrales / Thresholds

By Marie Louise Alemann / Short Film: 19 min. / Cruising, Dance, Experimental, Politics, Queer

Un Uomo Deve Essere Forte / A Man Must Be Strong

By Ilaria Ciavattini, Elsi Perino / Feature Film: 62 min. / Documentary, Gender, Trans

Una Dedicatoria a lo Bestia / A Wild Dedication

By nucbeade / Short Film: 11 min. / Documentary, Politics, Women


By Peter de Rome / Short Film: 11 min. / Cruising, Explicit Content, Fiction, Gay

Vento Seco / Dry Wind

By Daniel Nolasco / Feature Film: 110 min. / Cruising, Explicit Content, Fiction, Gay, Sexuality

Vil, Má / Divinely Evil

By Gustavo Vinagre / Feature Film: 80 min. / BDSM, Documentary, Erotism, Identity

Welcome to Chechnya

By David France / Feature Film: 107 min. / Activism, Documentary, Homophobia, Politics

Why Do I Feel like a Boy? / Proč se cítím jako kluk?

By Kateřina Turečková / Short Film: 27 min. / Documentary, Family, Trans, Youth