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9½ Weeks

Country: USA, Language: English, 112 mins

  • Director: Adrian Lyne
  • Writer: Sarah Kernochan; Zalman King
  • Producer: Keith Barish; Mark Damon

CGiii Comment

Maligned and misunderstood?
Or, a bizarre cross between David Hamilton softcore imagery and Flashdance choreography?
Lyne has made some seriously notable films - this, after the iconic Flashdance, has Rourke before the rot set in and Bassinger before the Oscar.........
It's slow and intense........and reeks of the 80s......the curiosity value is as a precursor to the fatal and indecent attractions and proposals.

Strangely, it's better now than it was then...............

Cast & Characters

Mickey Rourke as John;
Kim Basinger as Elizabeth;
Margaret Whitton as Molly;
David Margulies as Harvey;
Christine Baranski as Thea;
Karen Young as Sue;
William De Acutis as Ted;
Dwight Weist as Farnsworth;
Roderick Cook as Sinclair - the Critic;
Victor Truro as Gallery Client;
Justine Johnston as Bedding Saleswoman;
Cintia Cruz as Whore;
Kim Chan as Chinatown Butcher;
Lee Lai Sing as Angry Chinese Customer;
Rudolph Willrich as Chinatown Shopper

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