• Shirley
  • Summerland
  • My Name is Baghdad
  • Turner Risk
  • Love, Victor
  • Stormy Night (A)
  • 7 minutes
  • I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
  • Goodbye Mother
  • Head Burst
  • Vlastníci
  • Right Near the Beach
  • Milkwater
  • Welcome to Chechnya
  • Mélange
  • Sublet
  • Clementine
  • Secret Love (A)
  • Kelet
  • Hannah Gadsby: Douglas
  • Shangela is Shook
  • Deadwood: The Movie
  • Character One: Susan
  • Braking for Whales
  • Calm with Horses
  • Bad Education
  • Escaping Freedom
  • Spiral
  • Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie's Dead Aunt)
  • Cicada
  • Burning Baby (The)
  • Low End (The)
  • Keystone
  • Importance of Being Oscar (The)
  • World on Fire
  • Stardust
  • How to Build a Girl
  • To the Stars
  • My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys
  • Hunters


Country: Canada, Language: English, 90 mins

  • Director: Ryan Nicholson
  • Writer: Ryan Nicholson; Patrick Coble
  • Producer: Patrick Coble; Michelle Grady

CGiii Comment

An abomination.


The(ir) Blurb...

A horrifying tale of revenge that begins with a back-alley abortion, and ends with a bloodbath so vicious that it brings a new meaning to 'an eye for eye.' From pimps to dealers and hookers to junkies, this film dives headfirst into the depths of human depravity.

Cast & Characters

Debbie Rochon as Rose;
Dan Ellis as The John;
Nathan Dashwood as Hanger;
Ronald Patrick Thompson as Leroy;
Lloyd Kaufman as Melvina the Tranny;
Wade Gibb as Russell;
Alastair Gamble as Phil;
Candice Lewald as Nicole;
Nadia Grey as Smashy;
Stephanie Walker as Trashy;
Randy Jones as The Foreman;
Rochelle Lynn-Jones as Foxy White;
Susan Arum as Jehovah Witless;
Wayne Phillips as Jamaica Man;
Michelle Grady as Trixie the Mangled Whore