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Acute Misfortune

Country: Australia, Language: English, 90 mins

  • Director: Thomas M. Wright
  • Writer: Thomas M. Wright; Erik Jensen
  • Producer: Jamie Houge; Virginia Kay; Liz Kearney; Thomas M. Wright

CGiii Comment

Not a pleasant man...but, a superlative [and stylish] bio-pic.

Adam Cullen's art is bold, brash and the man himself. He was the archetypal suffering artist...alcohol and substance abuse helped put him into an early grave...aged 46. However, he had the wherewithal to recruit a young biographer before his untimely demise...insuring his name and his art's longevity.

This is Thomas M. Wright's [impressive] first film...unlike his chosen subject's art, Mr Wright has defined his own style with an acute eye for detail...he has [wisely] surrounded himself with cinematic technicians who know their craft and shared his vision. The music is a magnificence. The editing, award-deserving...and, the cinematography is aesthetically distinctive. is the writing that catapults this into the stratospehere.

Erik Jensen was young, inexperienced, grappling with his sexuality when he was thrown into the lion's Adam Cullen wrestled with his [many] demons...the dynamic between them is electrifying as they tussle with their own respective vulnerabilities...trying to make sense of what is happening. This is - fundamentally - an abusive relationship...with an even darker twist. The image of Mr Cullen standing naked in the doorway of his young sleeping biographer is an ode to his darkness and a subtextual howler!'s easy to dislike Mr Cullen, Daniel Henshall's mighty portrayal doesn't do his legacy any favours whatsoever...until! That's when his real demon is exposed...a strikingly realised goose-bump moment.

Man, situation and film...all unique. Masterful work.


The(ir) Blurb...

The Film adaptation of Erik Jensen's award-winning biography of Adam Cullen is the story of the biographer and his subject, as it descends into a dependent and abusive relationship.

Cast & Characters

Daniel Henshall as Adam Cullen
Toby Wallace as Erik Jensen
Gillian Jones as Ruth Marr
Geneviève Lemon as Carmel Cullen
Max Cullen as Kevin Cullen
Daniel Aguiar as Portuguese Man
James Bell as Ben
Rowland Holmes as Policeman
Steve Mouzakis as Jim
Joanne Samuel as Magistrate