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Boys on Film 1-16

Various Countries, Various languages

  • Director: Various
  • Writer: Various
  • Producer: Various

CGiii Comment

A [thankfully] tenacious series...and, sometimes, they do get it right...

Boys on Film 16: Possession

GOLDEN Dir. Kai Stänicke (Germany) 3 mins

As a golden boy becomes a golden man, his carefree spirit wanes under the weight of being different. As he grows up he becomes more introverted until, one day he discovers he’s not alone.

JAMIE Dir. Christopher Manning (UK) 9 mins

Shy, quiet Jamie, spends a revealing afternoon with Ben after meeting on a dating app. As they chat, Jamie finds himself opening up and letting loose his hopes and fears in an unexpected awakening.

B. Dir. Kai Stänicke (Germany) 15 mins

Torn between a cold relationship with K. and her feelings for another woman, shy and insecure B. is heading for a disaster. For too long she has suppressed her desire and lived a lie. But is it really too late for B. to follow her heart?

PYOTR495 Dir. Blake Mawson (Canada/Germany) 15 mins

One evening in Putin’s Moscow, 16-year-old Pyotr is baited by an ultra-nationalist group known for their violent abductions and attacks on young gay men. But Pyotr isn’t as defenceless as he might appear…

WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN Dir. Charlie Francis (UK) 10 mins

When Nick, who still hides his sexuality from his mother, gets a call to say she’s coming to visit, he desperately turns to best friend Amanda to pose as his girlfriend. Nick must use charm, cash and emotional blackmail to convince a hungover and reluctant Amanda to continue the ruse.

FOLLOW ME Dir. Anthony Schatteman (Belgium) 16 mins

Eighteen-year-old Jasper is madly in love with his art teacher. Overcome with confusion and longing, Jasper takes to following his teacher and his new girlfriend wherever they go.

CHANCE Dir. Jake Graf (UK) 17 mins

Trevor’s life has become a void, following the passing of his wife and long term companion, Doris. A chance encounter in the park with a mysterious stranger equally troubled by his own dark past jarringly reawakens him, and forces both men to live again.

SIGN Dir. Andrew Keenan-Bolger (USA) 15 mins

When Ben summons up the courage to talk to Aaron at their local subway station he is surprised to find that Aaron is deaf. Despite the communication barrier love blossoms, but their very different worlds threaten to tear them apart.

AWAY WITH ME Dir. Oliver Mason (UK, France) 11 mins

Alex and Paolo have just hooked up in London. Despite only knowing each other briefly, Alex whisks Paolo away to his Aunt’s home in Nice. Alex believes it’s a holiday romance, but does Paulo feel the same?

WE COULD BE PARENTS Dir. Björn Elgerd (Sweden) 15 mins

Marely left Erik when he found out he was selling himself for sex. Now, Erik’s last chance to get Marely back is to make this film explaining the reason why; so that they could afford to become parents one day.

Boys on Film 15: Time & Tied

CLOSETS – Directed by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan | UK | 18 mins

Tommy Knight (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Waterloo Road, Young Victoria) stars in this light-hearted drama as Henry, a teenager struggling with his sexuality in 1986. Hiding in his wardrobe, he time travels to the present day where he meets up with a similar teenager, Ben, occupying his same bedroom 30 years later.

Also starring Coronation Street star Julie Hesmondhalgh.

PUTTING ON THE DISH – Directed by Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston | UK | 6 mins

London, 1962, a time when being gay is still a criminal offence.  Two strangers meet in a park and strike up a conversation using polari slang to talk about their experiences in this “fantabulosa” comedy.

G’OCLOCK – Directed by Mitchell Marion | UK | 11 mins

After being called out to an emergency, Alex, a gay paramedic, saves the life of a young boy who had overdosed on GHB. He later arrives at a chill-out and meets Nik, a sexy young Spanish boy who he takes under his wing but soon discovers his caring instincts comes with a dangerous price.

Starring Philip Weddell (Rise of the Footsoldier) and Leon Lopez (EastEnders)

NIGHTSTAND – Directed by Charlie Parham | UK | 26 mins

Sir Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry come together for the first time to produce this London based thriller. Two men meet over three consecutive nights – one is young and gay, and the other is married to a woman and middle aged. Their tender affair unravels in the night-time metropolis leaving them to face their biggest fears.

Starring Amrou Al-Kadhi and Nicholas Gleaves (Waterloo Road, Scott & Bailey)

MORNING IS BROKEN – Directed by Simon Anderson | UK | 10 mins

Nigel Allen (Mission Impossible) stars in this anything-but-ordinary family adventure. Sam’s brother is getting married but this family event doesn’t represent a milestone just for the groom. At the wedding, Sam meets Nick, who’s friendly and fond of old cars. He invites Sam to go for a drive, a pact is made and an adventure begins.

SAUNA THE DEAD – Directed by Tom Frederic | UK | 20 mins

A night in a gay sauna turns into a fight for survival. Two men must over-come prejudice and join forces in taking down a horde of towel-wearing zombies. Tom Frederic fuses a love of 80s fantasy adventure movies, Disney and zombies in this genre-hopping modern day fairy tale explores how the way we treat each other ultimately creates the worlds we live in. Who will live to see the dawn..?

CROSSROAD – Directed by Leon Lopez | UK | 11 mins

Liam, a young man wracked with confusion after an incident that one night guides him on a mission of self-discovery where the choices he faces may risk changing his life forever.

DAWN – Directed by Jake Graf | UK | 13 mins

As dawn creeps across London, two lost outcasts meet in the darkness, more afraid of themselves than each other. As the sun begins to rise, and the veil of the night is lifted, the pair look into the cold light of day for hope and it takes more than just the eyes to see inside a soul.

TROUSER BAR – Directed by Kristen Bjorn | UK | 18 mins

Set in a London gentlemen’s outfitters c. 1976 and taking inspiration from the emotions aroused by a fetishistic love of corduroy, leather and tight trousers, two men enter Sir John’s Trouser Bar, little do they know the adventure that await them inside. With cameos including Barry Cryer, Julian Clary, Miss Hope Springs, Nigel Havers and some other strangely familiar faces.


Boys on Film 14 – Worlds Collide

Want It – dir. Lee Haven Jones (UK) 11 mins 2015

An intruder breaks into a luxurious home. He wants it. When the owner returns unexpectedly, the tables are turned.

{Brace} – dir. Alicya Eyo and Sophy Holland (UK) 24 mins 2013

On his first foray into London’s thriving gay scene, newly single Adam meets Rocky, a handsome and mysterious drifter. The two instantly connect, but Rocky seems eager to reveal more of himself than Adam is prepared to discover.

Un Mundo Para Raúl – dir. Mauro Mueller (Mexico, Switzerland/ USA) 14 mins 2012

When thirteen-year-old Raúl is asked to entertain the local landowner’s son, a game of power and pride starts between the two boys.

Barrio Boy – dir. Dennis Shinners (USA) 8 mins  2014

It’s a hot and sweaty summer afternoon in a macho Brooklyn hood and while cutting the hair of a handsome Irish stranger, a Latino barber secretly falls in love.

Aban and Khorshid - dir. Darwin Serink (USA) 13 mins 2014

If you only had a few hours left to live, what would you share with the love of your life? Together Aban and Khorshid explore this question during the hours before sentencing for their crime of loving each other.

I Love Hooligans - dir. Jan-Dirk Bouw (Netherlands/ Belgium) 13 mins 2013

A football hooligan feels unconditional love for his club. However, being gay, he has to hide his identity in order to survive in the world that is so precious to him.

The Violation – dir. Christopher Bradley (USA) 13 mins 2013

Oscar has a thing for his neighbour, Tina. Tina’s brother, Mickey, has a thing for Oscar. When house-sitting for the family one day, Mickey invades Oscar’s bedroom.

The Package - dir. Rafael Aidar (Brazil) 18 mins 2012

At a new school Leandro and Jefferson form an instant attachment and soon realise that theirs is no ordinary friendship. But young Jeff has something to reveal.

An Afternoon - dir. Søren Green (Denmark) 8 mins 2014

Today is the day! Mathias is in love with Frederik and now he’s going to tell him just that…

But when the moment of truth arrives is he brave enough to make the first move?

Boys on Film 13 – Trick & Treat

Boygame – dir. Anna Nolskog (Sweden) 14 mins 2012

Best friends John and Nicolas aren’t confident about having sex with girls, so to avoid embarrassment; they decide to get some practice – on each other.

Remission – dir. Christopher Brown (UK) 18 mins 2013

Two young men and a boy roam the overgrown English countryside, seeking to escape a deadly virus. The two men are forced to take a horrific decision after the boy’s behaviour puts them in increasing danger – but is it too late to cheat death?

Caged – dir. Lazlo and Dylan Tonk (Netherlands) 13 mins 2014

David and Neils spend most of their time working out together on the local sports ground. Meanwhile their gang of friends harass a local boy for being gay. But their tight friendship is about to be thrown off balance by a secret Neils has been keeping.

Middle Man – dir. Charlie Francis (UK) 4 mins 2014

After a misunderstanding, Nathan tries to get in contact with his hearing impaired boyfriend through a type-to-talk service. Will the middle man be able to fix the situation or will Nathan have to find another way to communicate?

Vis-à-Vis – dir. Dan Connolly (UK/Australia) 16mins 2013

When a government official comes to inspect Richard and Martin’s relationship for visa approval, it is clear that all is not as it seems. Cue hilarious consequences as the two men will stop at nothing to hide their true identity. Will Martin get visa approval or will things turn out for the worst?

A Last Farewell – dir. Casper Andreas (Sweden) 12 mins 2013

A Last Farewell looks at an aging author’s sorrow over the death of his long-term partner. Haunted by visions of his late husband, and in conflict with his daughter who is trying to renew the ties between them, how will he move on and find peace?

Mirrors – dir. Neil Ely (UK) 11 mins 2014

In a toilet of a Manchester nightclub, two young men (SHAMELESS’ Jody Latham and SKINS’ Liam Boyle) catch each other’s eye. As they reveal their feelings to one another, they find that their lives mirror each other in more ways than one. The only thing left to do is face the person staring back at them.

Followers – dir. Tim Marshall (UK/Australia) 8 mins 2014

When an elderly woman sees a vision of Jesus on the swimming trunks of a young African man at her class, she befriends him as she believes God has sent her a sign for him to free her of her loneliness.

Surprise - dir. Leslie Bumgarner (USA) 9 mins 2015

After misbehaving at school it’s time for young Jack to confess to his mother, but the solution to his “problem” is not like anything he could have imagined.

Kissing Drew – dir. Philip J. Connell (Canada) 8 mins 2013

A dreary school day in 1992: “Cool kid” Drew is James’ sexual fantasy, but Drew is also James’ bully. In a single moment, James faces off against both Drew the bully and Drew the fantasy, but is it enough to reclaim his dignity?

Boys on Film 12: Confession

Home From The Gym - dir. Robert Hawk (USA) 6mins 2014

From Robert Hawk, who consulted on The Celluloid Closet, Gay Sex In The 70s and Travis Mathews I Want Your Love and Interior. Leather Bar (with James Franco) comes his directorial debut, which places the male form front and centre. An unnamed, sexy man comes home, alone and starts to undress...

Showboy - dir. Samuel Leighton-Dore (Australia) 15mins 2014

A young football player, Julian Maxwell, finds himself struggling to support his unemployed, recently widowed father while fighting to keep safe the secret he once shared with his mother: He's not only gay, but performs a drag act in a local bar.

Cruise Patrol - dir. Bobby de Groot & Arjan van Meerten (Netherlands) 8mins 2013

Take a walk on the wild side and explore what happens on a long and dusty road where a routine cruise patrol takes a strange turn and spirals totally out of control.

I Am Syd Stone - dir. Denis Theriault (Canada) 11mins 2014

Lights, Camera, Action! When a much-desired Hollywood heartthrob returns back to his home town for a reunion of sorts, he expects to rekindle an old closeted relationship. But soon he learns that things aren t as they seem and secrets always catch up in the end.

Deflated - dir. Dustin Shroff (USA) 6mins 2012

Chris has come to the store with his dad to spend his allowance. His heart is set on getting a bouncy ball, but all of the balls in the ball cage are bright pink...except for one deflated green ball. Ultimately Chris must make a choice: is it okay for boys to play with the bright pink balls or will he take home the deflated green one?

Age 17 - dir. Filippo Demarchi (Switzerland) 22mins 2013

Matteo is a 17-year-old boy who has fallen in love with Don Massimo, a young who leads the local marching band in which Matteo plays the drum. Matteo sees in Massimo a person willing to listen to his fears and desires and for the first time in his life, Matteo feels ready to open up to someone...

Human Warmth - dir. Christophe Predari (Belgium) 11mins 2013

Antoine has a desire. His passion and his love is so overwhelming that he has to stay close to Bruno. He loves his warmth and he needs it. But as with any relationship, soon comes the time of detachment and what will happen if Antoine s body stops responding?

Tonight It's Me - dir. Dominic Haxton (USA) 13mins 2014

A hot young hustler finds himself in uncharted waters when he spends the night with a client who is far from the "Johns" he's used to servicing.

Good Morning - dir. Stephen Dunn and Peter Knegt (Canada) 10mins 2014

Good Morning comically examines the ideas of sexual identity and age anxiety via the story of a man who on the morning after his 30th birthday party wakes up with both a massive hangover, and a 17-year-old boy sleeping on his couch.

Boys On Film 11: We Are Animals

We Are Animals - dir. Dominic Haxton (USA) 13mins 2013
Burger - dir. Magnus Mork (UK/Norway) 11mins 2013
Alaska is a Drag - dir. Shaz Bennett (USA) 14mins 2012
Three Summers - dir. Carlos Augusto de Oliveira (Denmark) 28mins 2006
The Last Time I Saw Richard - dir. Nicholas Verso (USA) 23mins 2013
Little Man - dir. Eldar Rapaport (UK/Israel) 24mins 2012
For Dorian - dir. Rodrigo Barriuso (Canada) 16mins 2012
Spooners - dir. Bryan Horch (USA) 14mins 2013

Boys on Film 10: X

BLINDERS - Dir. Jacob Brown (USA) 10mins 2011
A STABLE FOR DISABLED HORSES - Dir. Fabio Youniss (UK) 13mins 2012
LITTLE GAY BOY, CHRIST IS DEAD - Dir. Antony Hickling, Amaury Grisel (FRANCE) 30mins 2012
BOYS VILLAGE - Dir. Till Kleinert (UK/Germany) 22mins 2011
HEADLONG - Dir. Lukas Shont (Belgium) 17mins 2012
YEAH KOWALSKI! - Dir. Evan Robert (USA) 10mins 2011
INFLATABLE SWAMP - Dir. William Feroldi (UK) 14mins 2010
TEENS LIKE PHIL - Dir. Dominic Haxton & David Rosler (USA) 20 mins 2012

BoF 9 consists of a particularly strong batch of films...the highlight being, without a doubt, the exceptional: It's Not a Cowboy Movie...

Boys on Film 9: Youth in Trouble

Deep End
Family Affair
Easy Money
The Wilding
Colonial Gods
It's Not a Cowboy Movie

Boys on Film 8: Cruel Britannia

All Over Brazil
I Don't Care
The Chef's Letter
We Once Were Tide
What You Looking At?
Man and Boy

Boys on Film 7: Bad Romance

Curious Thing
Just Friends
Cakes and Sand
Watch Over Me
The New Tenants
The Traitor
The Strange Ones

Boys on Film 6: Pacific Rim

Franswa Sharl
Tanjong Rhu
LOVE, 100°C
My Last Ten Hours With You
Ron the Zookeeper
Ajumma! Are You Krazy???

Boys on Film 5: Candy Boy

Candy Boy
Two Young Men, UT
Last Call
Go Go Reject
Far West

Boys on Film 4: Protect Me From What I Want

Protect Me From What I Want
My Name is Love

Boys on Film 3: American Boy

In The Closet
Area X
The Young and Evil
Dish :)
Astoria, Queens

Boys on Film 2: In Too Deep

Lucky Blue
Weekend in the Countryside
Kali Ma
Love Bite
The Island
Futures & Derivatives
Working it Out

Boys on Film 1: Hard Love

Gay Zombie
Serene Hunter
Le Weekend
Cowboy Forever
Packed Lunch
Mirror, Mirror
VGL Hung!

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