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En Retour

France, French, 17 mins

  • Director: Benjamin Wacksmann
  • Writer: Benjamin Wacksmann; Thibaut Wacksmann

CGiii Comment

It's that familiar rentboy story...with a sinister little twist.

Not bad at all.


The(ir) Blurb...

A young man arrives at the house of a middle age guy for dinner. The two know each other, but it’s unclear what their relationship might be. Are they father and son? Lovers? A hook-up? Is one paying the other to be there? The film plays with what we’re seeing, challenging our assumptions about why this age gap tryst is happening, as well as where the power lies in such a relationship. As things become increasingly dangerous, it turns out one of the men may have misjudged the other.

Jean-Marc, la cinquantaine, reçoit à dîner un jeune homme, Simon, dans son appartement parisien. Après des retrouvailles chaleureuses, leurs attentes mutuelles se dévoilent jusqu'à plonger la soirée dans une extrême tension...

Cast & Characters

Pierre Carrive as Jean-Marc;
Thibaut Wacksmann as Simon

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