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Portugal, Portuguese, 20 mins

  • Director: Marco Leão; André Santos
  • Writer: Marco Leão; André Santos
  • Producer: João Figueiras

CGiii Comment

A beautifully made film...

As for content, it all depends on how you want to view it...as a comment on public displays of sexuality...or, as a film where nothing much happens!?!

Interesting filmmaking!


PEDRO - TEASER from Blackmaria on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

An unexpected afternoon at the beach for a teenage boy and his mother.

Pedro volta para casa de madrugada. Antes que o jovem rapaz consiga adormecer, a sua mãe solitária o arrasta para a praia.

Cast & Characters

Filipe Abreu as Pedro;
Rita Durao;
Marcello Urgeghe;
Joao Villas-Boas

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