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Country: Czech Republic | Slovakia, Language: Czech

  • Director: Peter Bebjak
  • Writer: Petr Bok; Pavel Gotthard

CGiii Comment

A dramatic story of a promising young actor set in the early fifties of the twentieth century. Many young people at the time had to vote just like him: to stand up, to adapt to the totalitarian regime, or even to take an active part in it. The choice of the main character of the actor miniseries is even more complicated. Standa hides a big secret. A traumatizing handicap for someone, but a surprising career path for him. Miniseries is a study of human character and action.


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Cast & Characters

Jan Cina as Standa Láník
Jenovéfa Boková as Anezka Láníková
Martin Finger as kpt. Jindrich Korcák
Jan Nedbal as Zdenek Spork
Adrian Jastraban as Karel Stepánský
Alexander Bárta as Danes
Judit Bárdos as Eva Dolezalová
Julius Oracko as Farkas