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Magazine Dreams

Country: United States, Language: English, 124 mins

  • Director: Elijah Bynum
  • Writer: Elijah Bynum
  • Producer: Andrew Blau, Christopher S. Bryson, Jennifer Fox, Dan Gilroy, Simon Horsman, David Kirchner, Jonathan Majors, Luke Rodgers, Jeffrey Soros

CGiii Comment

A Black amateur bodybuilder struggles to find human connection in this exploration of celebrity and violence.


Cast & Characters

Jonathan Majors (as Killian Maddox)
Harrison Page (as William Lattimore)
Harriet Sansom Harris (as Patricia Waldron)
Haley Bennett (as Jessie)
Michael O'Hearn (as Brad Vanderhorn)
Taylour Paige (as Pink Coat)
Bradley Stryker (as Ken Donaghue)
Craig Cackowski (as Middle Aged Man)
Sonny Valicenti (as Jimmy)
Justin Cuomo (as Jon)
Peter Ivanov (as Nate)
Mark Rhino Smith (as Bryce)
Kimberly Christian (as Nurse)
Dan Donohue (as Dr. Prescott)
Jodi Bianca Wise (as Suburban Woman)
Andrea Figliomeni (as Waitress)
Alfretz Costelo (as Contest Employee)
Tim Martin Gleason (as Mack (as Timothy M. Gleason))
Ezra Bynum (as Smokey Bandito (as Ezra Sage Bynum))
Jeffrey Johnson (as Singer (as Jeffrey S.S. Johnson))
David Maurice Johnson (as Head Judge (as David M. Johnson))
Teddy Day (as Ken's Son)
Vivianne Neely (as Ken's Daughter)
Glen Wilson (as Photographer)
Krystin Goodwin (as Newscaster)