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Country: Turkey, Language: Turkish, 110 mins

Original Title

Paranoid: Everything Wipe from the Beginning
  • Director: Dogus Arslan
  • Writer: Dogus Arslan

CGiii Comment

"Everything Wipe from the Beginning"

This thriller movie is about real events and characters. In every second, the importance of mental health is emphasized. The script is about the very strange events that took place in a sanatorium in a remote district of Istanbul in 2019. The story follows the intersection of the lives of two different characters named Mitat and Masal in the sanatorium. In this film, which is based on real events and the preparations for the 2nd and 3rd series have already started, all the strange events told are combined with a story of secrets that will terrify the audience.


Paranoid: Everything Wipe from the Beginning | Official Trailer 1 | Turkish HD 2021 from Paranoid Sinema on Vimeo.

Cast & Characters

Emre Tetikel (as Mitat)
Meryem Turan (as Masal)
Ilkin Abaslioglu (as Yildiz)
Emre Karaoglu (as Dogukan)
Cayan Bektas (as Cagatay)
Nurettin Karakoc (as Yolcu)
Cemre Pelin Atesoglu (as Asli)
Gulsen Sezek (as Afet)
Dogus Aslan (as Toprak)
Mesut Aslan (as Sair)