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Tutor (The)

Country: United States, Language: English

  • Director: Jordan Ross
  • Writer: Ryan King
  • Producer: John Bails, Robert Ogden Barnum, Eric Binns, Mitch Budin, Luke Daniels, Nadine de Barros, Sammi Farber, David Gendron, Rich Goldberg, Peter Jarowey, Ali Jazayeri, Ryan King, Christopher Kopp, Eric Napier, Alan Pao, Rick Sasner, Joey Stanton, Kyle Stroud, Viviana Zarragoitia

CGiii Comment

Follows a tutor who, after being assigned an unexpected task at a mansion, finds himself struggling with the obsessions of his student, who threatens to expose his darkest secrets.


Cast & Characters

Garrett Hedlund
Victoria Justice
Noah Schnapp (as Jackson)
Jonny Weston
Kabby Borders (as Jenny)
Michael Aaron Milligan (as Josh)
Ekaterina Baker (as Teddi)
Joseph Castillo-Midyett (as Chris Butler)
Exie Booker (as Detective Landry)
Caroline Duncan (as Preppy Mom)
Kamran Shaikh (as Charles The Butler)
Craig Nigh (as Jackson's Dad)
Michaela Sasner (as Fast Talking Girl)
Escalante Lundy (as Chauffer)
Ashritha Kancharla (as Daria)
Bruce Cooper (as CSI Photographer)
Aneesa Bone (as Medic)
Justin B. Wooten (as Fancy Restaurant Patron)
Tristan Thompson (as Preppy Student)
Joshuah Arizmendi
Jeff Robins (as Marshall)
Hassel Kromer (as High roller at strip club)
Don Lay (as Police officer)
Porsche Kemp (as Restaurant Patron)
Morgan Monroe (as Preppy Teenager)