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Country: France, Language: French, 25 mins

  • Director: Yohann Gloaguen
  • Writer: Yohann Gloaguen
  • Producer: Claire Bonnefoy, Clémentine Robert

CGiii Comment

Young men's toxicity and too much [unnecessary and rambling] dialogue.

Shame...there are a couple of directorial flourishes...but, all those words!

A good story that could have been told in half the time. French...

The(ir) Blurb...

Leo's family was blown up by a tragedy but he still has his buddies. Together, they spend their days zoning out, occasionally robbing supermarkets, and their evenings drinking and smoking. But that doesn't appease Leo's desperate rage, as he gets up every morning without knowing if he'll see the end of the day.

Cast & Characters

Éric Bougnon (as Le père)
Nelly Cahuzac (as Caissière)
Jan Caplin (as L'homme du parking 2)
Dominique Courait (as Le chauffeur)
Betty Desmier (as La mère)
Marley Duboscq (as Max)
Bonne-Bienveillante Déchéance (as Dragqueer)
Augustin Etekpo (as Le videur)
Antoine Grenier (as Léo)
Clara Guizard (as Zoé)
Antoine Guth (as Sam)
Florian Lesaffre (as Costa)
Andrea Liqueer (as Dragqueer)
Pauline Miocec (as Sophie)
Lahaine Nonclercq (as Dragqueer)
François Nuyttens (as L'homme du parking 1)
Elliot Richer (as Elliot)
Thierry Sebban (as Le patron de boîte)