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First Love

Country: Ireland, Language: English, 12 mins

Original Title

Céad Ghrá
  • Director: Brian Deane
  • Writer: Matthew Roche
  • Producer: Eamonn Cleary; Anna O'Malley

CGiii Comment's so sweet and [brilliantly] subtle!


First Love (Céad Ghrá) from TW Films on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Two best-friends set out on a quest in pursuit of their first crush.

Cast & Characters

Zena Donnelly as Lisa;
Alan Howley;
Daisy Maguire;
Brandon Maher as Colm;
Tadhg Moran as Donal;
Darine Ni Dhonnchadha as Joan;
Jordan Roche as Jamie