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Country: Argentina, Language: Spanish, 16 mins

  • Director: Axel Rezinovsky
  • Writer: Axel Rezinovsky

CGiii Comment

Too much karaoke...not enough story.



The(ir) Blurb...

The night before travelling abroad, Martin celebrates his farewell party at his bff’s Nadia’s home, and at midnight her brother Nacho shows up. After a few drinks and some karaoke love songs, Martin starts to realize he might be in love for the first time.

Cast & Characters

Fran Vázquez as Martín
Agustín García Moreno as Ignacio / Nacho
Emilia Herbst as Nadia
Sofía Astegiano as La prima
Lucy García as Diablita
Rocío Perez Valdenegro as Anita
Ian Piccinini as Santi