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No Man

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 4 mins

  • Director: Ciara Flint
  • Producer: Alexander McGarry, Jo Scarratt-Jones

CGiii Comment

The inhumanity of asylum and a community trying to help.

A touching, sobering story.


The(ir) Blurb...

No Man follows the story of Kenneth Macharia, who is under the threat of being deported from the UK back to his birth country of Kenya, where as an openly gay man he faces the risk of persecution, mob violence, and even death. In Kenya, the penal code explicitly forbids homosexual activity, declaring it to be tantamount to human-animal relations and punishable by 14 years imprisonment. With the help of his rugby teammates, Ken's story went viral and attracted international attention and support. However, with the media spotlight waning, Ken faces the possibility of his temporary asylum being revoked, and being sent back to a country that would persecute him.

Cast & Characters

Kenneth Macharia