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Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 35 mins

  • Director: David Hastings
  • Writer: David Hastings
  • Producer: David Hastings

CGiii Comment

Intensely powerful, intensely moving...with something quite unexpected!

Perhaps this is the precursor to a bigger film, Willem Arondeus certainly deserves it.



The(ir) Blurb...

It is June 29th 1943. In a confined prison cell, Alexander, a young Nazi officer is awaiting his new prisoner he has been tasked with watching over until their execution. His prisoner is Willem Arondeus, a Dutch resistance fighter, who has been convicted of blowing up a building that held records of local Jewish residents the Nazi army have been pursuing, in an attempt to fight back against the ever-growing rise of fascism. Willem is also openly homosexual, in a time when people were persecuted for such lifestyles.

As Willem and Alexander sit alone in the cell, the former attempts to engage in conversation with his captor, who initially remains quiet. But over the course of three days, not only do they begin to converse, but they begin to have a profound emotional impact on one another. When hope is all you have left, watch it change the world.

Cast & Characters

Thomas Loone as Alexander;
Will Bradshaw as Officer;
Chris Johnson as Willem Arondeus