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Country: Australia, Language: English, 6 mins

  • Director: Dan Ilic, James Pender
  • Writer: Dan Ilic, James Pender
  • Producer: Dan Ilic, Peter Slee

CGiii Comment

A fantastic comedic performance. 

Homophobia, laughs and charm...what an odd combination...yet, it works!


Y2GAY from Dan Ilic on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

We all remember how bad Y2K was. Well reinforce your steel doors with concrete and stock your cupboards with anti-gay spray, because it's happening all over again. Only this time it's Y2GAY. Yep, it's real. The gays are getting married. In 2012, The Australian Government has decided to legalise gay marriage and Mick is not happy. He's convinced that everything will change for the worse once the gays get married because, well, 'they're weird'. So it's time to head back down to the survival bunker with his wife Sharon. There's always something to be scared of. This year, it's Y2GAY.

Cast & Characters

Nick Mattick (as Mick)
David McLaughlin (as Gary)
Kate Worsley (as Sharon)