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Dog's Way Home (A)

Country: USA, Language: English, 96 mins

  • Director: Charles Martin Smith
  • Writer: W. Bruce Cameron; Cathryn Michon
  • Producer: Gavin Polone; W. Bruce Cameron

CGiii Comment

A no-holes-barred, in-your-face, politically correct, shamefully dogmatic [get it!], more cheese than in a cheese factory, kid's pooch film...complete with one of the worst voice-overs ever to disgrace an anthropomorphic film. Yes, this pooch thinks in English!

As for the blatant PC box-ticking...it's everywhere and will probably go way above the intended audience's little heads...or, are they [the filmmakers] being sneaky and - directly - preaching to the parents? This 'family' film is so condescending...it will make your toes curl, joints ache, head spin!

Do same-sex relationships need to be featured in absolutely everything? It would seem they do...bearing in mind, there is such a thing called overkill! Profusion can - and does - breed contempt...especially when it is unexpected and/or unwarranted.

It all depends where you stand...if you think that pre-high-school kids should be taught [in kindergarten and elementary] about LGBT relationships, all is well and dandy...it's just one more example of how 'education systems' are taking more [responsibility] away from the parents. High school is a different kettle of fish...yes, in this arena, preparing for adulthood, they should be taught about LGBT identity and issues.

There is a time and a place...for everything...

Let the kids have their childhoods without unnecessary clutter...if they are curious, let them ask. Let their parents answer...it's part of the bonding process. The last thing a parent needs when taking their kids to the cinema is having 'an agenda' rammed down their involuntary throats. The 'nanny state' is a dangerous reality...'nanny cinema' is a form of propaganda...together, they subvert the choice of the people!

Who would have 'thunked' it!!! A subversive pooch movie! Perhaps...we 'over-thunked' it!!! Still...a terrible film.


The(ir) Blurb...

A dog travels 400 miles in search of her owner.

Cast & Characters

Ashley Judd;
Wes Studi;
Bryce Dallas Howard as Bella (voice);
Chris Bauer as Kurch;
Edward James Olmos;
Patrick Gallagher as Teo;
Alexandra Shipp;
Lucia Walters as Loretta;
Spencer Drever as Rick;
Tammy Gillis;
Farrah Aviva as Nurse Matthews;
Jonah Hauer-King;
Ben Ratner as Dr. Gann

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