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Place of Our Own (A)

Country: India, Language: Hindi, 90 mins

Original Title

Ek Jagah Apni
  • Director: Ektara Collective
  • Writer: Rinchin Rinchin, Maheen Mirza, Manisha Soni, Muskan
  • Producer: Neeraj Churi, Reframe Genderalities, Hassath, Rinchin Rinchin, Sushil

CGiii Comment

"After sudden eviction by their prejudiced landlord, Laila and Roshni, must put their wits together to find a home and reclaim their place in society."

The film "Ek Jagah Apni" is set in the city of Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh, India) in current time. It offers a glimpse into the lives of the transgender community in the city. It follows two protagonists' lives as they seek a house to rent. It also shows the challenges they face in their daily lives, whether it is their workspace or other interactions. The prejudices of the wider society regarding transgender people and the stereotypes that need to be overcome, the lack of understanding about their situation and the discrimination, exploitation and oppression they face throughout their lives are reflected. At the same time, their courage, resilience and humanity shine through the difficulties they face. The film introduces many first-time actors who play characters close to their lives, shaping the story and bringing an authenticity that blends fiction and reality.


Cast & Characters

Manisha Soni (as Laila)
Aakash Jamra (as Sharukh)
Mahima Singh Thakur (as Preeti)
Tanveer Ahmed (as Gupta)
Paritosh Acharya (as Pankaj Parwana)
Kartik Abhas (as Querier)
Jennifer Anthony (as Laila's Collegue 1)
Shivani Bajpai (as Sandy)
Vimal Dhakkad (as Laila's Collegue 2)
Suman Dhurve (as Suman)
Pooja Gupta (as Khala's Neighbour 3)
Abdul Haque (as Guard)
Abhishek Kamble (as Laila's Collegue 4)
Yash Kumar (as Student 1)
Shubham Lariya (as Titli)
B Meera (as Landlady)
Muskaan (as Roshni)
Harshita Narnaware (as Laila's sister)
Ajay Patel (as Broker)
Arjun Prajapati (as Student 2)
Deepak Sahu (as Laila's Collegue 3)
Saraswati Sahu (as Khala's Neighbour 1)
Adil Saifi (as Joshi's son)
Sudipta Bhattacharya Saxena (as Mrs. Joshi)
Pallav Thudgar (as Gupta's man)